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You can input text and get the result of converted speech through the console.

Speech Synthesis

Enter Text for Speech Synthesis

Enter the text that will be used for speech synthesis.

Detailed Settings for Speech Synthesis

You can set detailed settings for the voice to be synthesized.

  • File Format: Supports two file formats, mp3 and wav, as a result of speech synthesis.
  • Voice Type: You can set the voice type (male, female).
  • Voice Emotion: You can set the voice emotion (neutral, dark, light).
  • Pitch: You can set the pitch to implement the tone of the voice.
  • Speed: You can set the speed (1x, 2x, etc.) of the voice.
  • Volume: You can set the volume.

Synthesize Speech

After entering text, click the Synthesize Speech button to create an audio file of the entered text.


  • You can check the synthesized voice by pressing the Listen button.
  • You can download the synthesized file (.mp3, .wav) by clicking the Download button.