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The environment to use Gamebase JavaScript SDK is as follows:


[Minimum specifications]

Browsers supporting HTML5 WebSocket Popup allowed Cookie access allowed


Download Gamebase JavaScript SDK file.

Before using the Gamebase JavaScript SDK, you must get an app ID from the NHN Cloud Console. To get an app ID, go to the NHN Cloud Console and click Select Service > Game> > Gamebase to enable the service.


From the following link, download the Gamebase JavaScript SDK. Unzip the downloaded ZIP file and then navigate to the project folder to apply. * Gamebase JavaScript SDK download

Applying SDK

Add the following syntax to the file for which Gamebase will be used and load the JavaScript file.

<script src="${The path to gamebase.min.js}"></script>


  • Soon to be supported.

API Reference

API Reference is included in the SDK.