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API Response Codes

service isSuccess resultCode resultMessage
Common true 0 Successful
Common false 4 Parameter validation failed (see resultMessage)
Common false -1000 Invalid appkey
Common false -1001 Invalid secret key
Common false -1002 Invalid SMS appkey
Common false -1003 Invalid SMS sender number
Common false -1004 Already registered Plus Friend
Common false -1008 Registration failed for Plus Friend token
Common false -1009 Uploading attached files failed
Common false -1016 Message is not found
Common false -1017 Sending in excess of daily volume failed
Common false -1027 Sender profile is blocked
Common false -1028 템플릿 변수가 치환될 때 그 차이가 14개 글자를 초과하는 부분이 있는 경우(최초 사용자 제한)
Common false -1029 그룹 프로필에 멤버로 추가할 수 없는 경우(최초 사용자 제한)
Common false -2017 Plus Friend does not exist
Common false -2018 Invalid button parameter
Common false -2019 Failed due to template body with above 1,000 characters
Common false -2022 ImageLink is missing for attached image
Common false -2023 FriendTalk body message exceeding 400 characters (image attached)
Common false -2024 FriendTalk body message exceeding 1,000 characters
Common false -2025 Scheduled date and time is from the past
Common false -2026 Scheduled date and time is 90 days after (available up to 90 days)
Common false -2027 Error in parsing due to different date format
Common false -2028 Invalid request ID
Common false -2029 Requested message is missing or there is no message to cancel
Common false -2502 Alternative delivery requested when failed delivery is not configured
Common false -2999 Request of all recipients requesting delivery failed
Common false -3000 Button name/mobile link (linkMo) is required for free button-type templates.
Common false -3001 Template code or template name already exists
Common false -3002 Unable to read request body which is required
Common false -3003 Template does not exist
Common false -3004 Error in template parameter to send
Common false -3005 Error in template status (when requested for delivery before approval)
Common false -3006 Button URL must include http:// or https://.
Common false -3007 Only free button-type templates allow the input of button name and button URL.
Common false -3008 Query delivery button type does not allow the input of button URL.
Common false -3009 Button name does not exist.
Common false -3010 Template body does not match.
Common false -3011 Template button does not match.
Common false -3012 Unavailable to modify template (either approved or rejected)
Common false -3013 Template under modification exists
Common false -3014 Invalid button type
Common false -3015 Plus Friend with CBT deactivated
Common false -3016 Requires templateTitle and templateSubtitle for Emphasized templates
Common false -3017 Unable to use replacement variable for templateSubtitle
Common false -3018 Requires templateExtra for Extra Information-type templates
Common false -3019 Requires templateAd for Ad-included-type templates
Common false -3020 Requires templateExtra and templateAd for Mixed-purposes templates
Common false -3021 Unable to use replacement variable for templateExtra
Common false -3022 Unable to use replacement variable for templateAd
Common false -3023 Unable to include url link for templateAd
Common false -3024 CA-type button can be registration only for Ad-included or Mixed Purposes-type templates
Common false -3034 Only templates that have not been sent for 3 days can be deleted
Common false -3100 Unavailable to inquire of template
Common false -4003 Query range exceeding a month
Common false -4004 Appkey does not exist
Common false -4005 Appkey closed for service
Common false -4006 Appkey not registered with basic sender profile
Common false -4007 File size exceeding 500KB
Common false -4015 Invalid request ID (requestId)
Common false -4016 Data unavailable corresponding to requested value
Common false -4100 Invalid query period
Common false -4101 Invalid query parameter for statistics
Common false -4103 Start/End time value of delivery request is unavailable for queries
Common false -4200 Invalid alternative delivery message
Common false -5000 Invalid recipient number
Common false -7000 Vendor request API failed
Common false -8000 Image sequence (imageSeq) is missing
Common false -8001 Image file is not normal
Common false -8002 No image available corresponding to image sequence
Common false -8003 Deleting image failed
Common false -8005 No Plus Friend is registered in project to upload images
Common false -8006 Authentication message not included in Template, when sending an authentication message
Common false -8008 Banned word was included in message content , when sending an message
Common false -9995 Called API of a faded version
Common false -9996 Content-type is not application/json
Common false -9998 API does not exist
Common false -9999 Error in system

Delivery Result Codes

Code Value Significance
1000 Successful
1001 Server Busy (Queue full for RS internal saving)
1002 Format error of recipient number
1003 Invalid sender profile key
1004 Cannot find name from request body(JSON)
1006 Deleted sender profile (contact Customer Center)
1007 Blocked sender profile (contact Customer Center)
1011 Contract information is not found (contact Customer Center)
1012 Invalid user key request format
1013 Invalid app connection
1015 Invalid app user ID request
1021 Blocked KakaoTalk channel
1022 Blocked KakaoTalk channel
1023 Deleted KakaoTalk channel
1024 KakaoTalk channel waiting for deletion
1025 KakaoTalk channel blocked for message
1030 Invalid parameter request
2000 Delivery time exceeded
2001 Unable to send messages (due to unexpected error)
2004 Error occurred when template consistency is checked (internal error occurred)
3000 Unexpected error occurred
3005 Message is delivered but receipt is not confirmed (Uncertain if successful; Encrypted and saved in server and available for sending within 3 days)
3006 Message delivery failed due to internal system error
3008 Phone number error
3009 Format error in message
3010 Unexpected error occurred
3011 Message does not exist
3012 Communication failed with KakaoTalk
3013 Message is empty
3014 Unknown message status
3015 msg_type error (neither 1008 nor 1009)
3018 Unable to send messages
1. KakaoTalk user who has withdrawn
2. User who has never been subscribed to KakaoTalk
3. Blocked user from AlimTalk messages
4. Android users who use different "KakaoTalk numbers from USIM on device"
5. Deactivated users (for push)
6. User of the minimum KakaoTalk version or unsupported device, or punished user
3022 Not available time (Friend Talk messages can be sent from 08:00 to 20:50)
3023 Grammatical error of message (error in JSON format)
3024 Invalid sender profile key
3025 Exceeded the limit of variable character count
3026 Error occurred during consistency checked between message and template
3027 Message Buttons/Direct connection does not match template
3028 Message highlighted title does not match template
3029 Exceeded limit of length in message highlighted title (50 characters)
3030 Redundant serial number of message
3031 Message is empty
3032 Error of length restriction in message (1000 characters including spaces)
3033 Template not found
3034 Message is not consistent with template
3040 Invalid hub partner key
3041 Name not found in the request body
3042 Sender profile not found
3043 Deleted sender profile
3044 Blocked sender profile
3045 Blocked Plus Friend
3046 Closed Plus Friend
3047 Deleted Plus Friend
3048 Contract information not found
3049 Message delivery failed due to internal system error
3050 Non-KakaoTalk user
User opting to block AlimTalk of users who record no KakaoTalk service use within 72 hours
Not a friend of FriendTalk
3051 Message undelivered
3054 Unavailable time to send messages
3055 Message group information not found
3056 Message delivery result not found
3060 Sent to user but not sure if received (Polling)
4000 Message delivery result is not found
4001 Unknown message status
9998 Under administrator's checkup for issue occurred in system (currently unavailable)
9999 Under administrator's checkup for error occurred in system (unknown error in system)
E900 Transfer key is not available
E901 Recipient number is not available
E903 Title is not available
E904 Message is not available
E905 Reply number is not available
E906 Message key is not available
E915 Duplicate message
E916 Blocked number at authenticated server
E917 Blocked number at customer database
E919 Message redelivery is prohibited during delivery restricted hours
E920 Message table includes a file group key for AlimTalk messages
E999 Other errors