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  1. Install the NHN Cloud SDK
  2. Enable Mobile Service > IAP in NHN Cloud console.
  3. Check AppKey in IAP.

Android Setup

Set Up Gradle Build

  • In the Unity Editor, open the Build Settings windows (Player Settings > Publishing Settings > Build).
  • Select Gradle from the Build System drop-down menu.
  • Use the Custom Gradle Template by selecting the checkbox under Build System.
  • Add the code below to dependencies of mainTemplate.gradle.

Google Play Store

repositories {

dependencies {
  implementation 'com.toast.android:toast-iap-google:0.31.1'

One Store

repositories {

dependencies {
  implementation 'com.toast.android:toast-iap-onestore:0.31.1'

Galaxy Store

repositories {

dependencies {
  implementation 'com.toast.android:toast-iap-galaxy:0.31.1'

Amazon Appstore

repositories {

dependencies {
  implementation 'com.toast.android:toast-iap-amazon:0.31.1'
  • Add the AppGallery Connection configuration file (agconnect-service.json).
    • Log in to AppGallery Connect and then click My Projects.
    • Select an app from your project.
    • Go to Project settings > General information.
    • Download the agconnect-service.json file from App information.
    • Copy the agconnect-service.json file to the root directory of your app.
  • Set up the App Gallery Connect plugin and dependencies as follows.
buildscript {
    repositories {

        // Huawei Repository
        maven {url 'https://developer.huawei.com/repo/'}

    dependencies {

        // Huawei App Gallery Plugin
    classpath 'com.huawei.agconnect:agcp:'

repositories {

apply plugin: 'com.android.application'
apply plugin: 'com.huawei.agconnect'

dependencies {
  implementation 'com.toast.android:toast-iap-huawei:0.31.1'

iOS Setup

Set Up Capabilities

  • Select the Capabilities tab in the XCode project settings.
  • Set In-App Purchase to ON.

Add a Required Framework

  • To use the IAP feature in iOS, StoreKit.framework is required.
  • Add Storekit.framework in XCode project settings.

Supported Stores and Product Types

Platform Store Supported Product Types
Android Google Play Store Consumable products, subscription products, consumable subscription products
Android ONE store Consumable products
iOS Apple App Store Consumable products, subscription products, consumable subscription products

NHN Cloud IAP SDK Initialization

Use ToastIapConfiguration to set the AppKey issued from the NHN Cloud IAP console and store code (StoreCode). During initialization, register PurchaseUpdateListener that can receive the purchase result.

Timing of Initialization NHN Cloud IAP SDK initialization must be performed only once immediately after app execution, and before setting the user ID (see Service Login).

Specification for Initialization API

public delegate void PurchaseUpdateListener(string transactionId, ToastResult result, IapPurchase purchase);

public static void Initialize(ToastIapConfiguration configuration, PurchaseUpdateListener listener);

Example of Initialization

ToastIap.Initialize(new ToastIapConfiguration
    AppKey = "YOUR_IAP_APP_KEY",
    StoreCode = StoreCode.GooglePlayStore
}, (result, purchase) =>
    if (result.IsSuccessful)
        // Purchase succeeded
        // Purchase failed

Service Login

  • All products provided by NHN Cloud SDK (IAP, Log & Crash, etc.) use the same user ID.
    • User ID can be set with ToastSdk.UserId.
    • When user ID is not set, purchase cannot proceed.
  • It is recommended to implement the following features in service login step: user ID setting, querying unconsumed purchase history, and querying active subscription products.


// Login
ToastSdk.UserId = "USER_ID";


// Logout
ToastSdk.UserId = null;

[Note] When the service is logged out, user ID must be set to null. Otherwise, promotion codes might be redeemed or purchase with wrong user ID might occur in purchase reprocessing operation.

Query Product List

  • Query the list of available products among the ones registered in ICP console.
    • Products that can be purchased among the ones registered in ICP console are returned as the Product property (IapProduct) of ProductDetailsResult.
    • Products that are not registered in the store among the ones registered in ICP console are returned as the InvalidProducts property (IapProduct) of ProductDetailsResult.

Specification for Product List Query API

public static void RequestProductDetails(ToastCallback<ProductDetailsResult> callback);

Example of Product List Query

ToastIap.RequestProductDetails((result, productDetailsResult) =>
    if (result.IsSuccessful)
        var products = productDetailsResult.Products;
        foreach (var product in products)
            var name = product.ProductName;
            var localizedPrice = product.LocalizedPrice;
            // ...

Purchase Products

  • NHN Cloud IAP supports product purchase by using product ID registered at the store.
    • Product ID can be retrieved when querying the product list.
  • The result of product purchase is returned via PurchaseUpdateListener registered during the initialization.

Specification for Product Purchase API

public static void Purchase(string productId, developerPayload = "");
  • NHN Cloud IAP can add user information with developerPayload when requesting purchase.

Example of Product Purchase

var productId = userSelectedProductId;
var productId = userSelectedProductId;
ToastIap.Purchase(productId, developerPayload);

Query Unconsumed Purchases

  • Query information on consumable products that are not consumed yet.
    • The result of unconsumed purchases query is returned as a list of IapPurchase object.
  • After a product is provided to a user, the product can be consumed by using Consume API.

Specification for Unconsumed Purchases Query API

public static void RequestConsumablePurchases(ToastCallback<List<IapPurchase>> callback);

Example of Unconsumed Purchases Query

ToastIap.RequestConsumablePurchases((result, purchases) =>
    if (result.IsSuccessful)
        // Unconsumed purchases query succeeded

Restore Subscription

  • You can restore an activated subscription product by user ID.
    • Subscription products for which purchase has been completed can be restored as long as usage period remains.
    • The result of subscription product restoration query is returned as a list of IapPurchase object.
  • Only the products subscribed in iOS can be restored.

Specification for Subscription Restoration API

public static void RequestRestorePurchases(ToastCallback<List<IapPurchase>> callback);

Subscription Restoration Example

ToastIap.RequestRestorePurchases((result, purchases) =>
    if (result.IsSuccessful)
        // Subscription restoration query succeeded

Query Activated Subscription

  • You can query an activated subscription product by user ID.
    • Subscription products for which purchase has been completed can be queried as long as usage period remains.
    • The result of activated subscription query is returned as a list of IapPurchase object.
  • You can query products subscribed on Android in iOS, or products subscribed on iOS in Android.

Specification for Activated Subscription Query API

public static void RequestActivatedPurchases(ToastCallback<List<IapPurchase>> callback);

Example of Activated Subscription Query

ToastIap.RequestActivatedPurchases((result, purchases) =>
    if (result.IsSuccessful)
        // Activated subscription query succeeded

Query Subscription Status

Specification for Subscription Status Query API

public static void RequestSubscriptionsStatus(
            bool includeExpiredSubscriptions,
            ToastCallback<List<IapSubscriptionStatus>> callback);

Example of Subscription Status Query

ToastIap.RequestSubscriptionsStatus(true, (result, subscriptionsStatus) =>
    if (result.IsSuccessful)
        // Success

NHN Cloud IAP Class Reference


public class ToastIapConfiguration
    public string AppKey { get; set; }
    public StoreCode StoreCode { get; set; }
Property Returns Description
AppKey string Set IAP service Appkey.
StoreCode StoreCode Set the store code.


public enum StoreCode
Value Description
GooglePlayStore Google Play Store (Android Only)
AppleAppStore Apple App Store (iOS Only)
OneStore ONE store (Android Only)
AmazonAppStore Amazon Appstore (Android Only)
HuaweiAppGallery Huawei App Gallery (Android Only)


public class ToastResult
    public bool IsSuccessful { get; }
    public int Code { get; }
    public string Message { get; }
Property Returns Description
IsSuccessful bool Returns whether the result is successful.
Code int Returns a result code.
(0 for success)
Message string Returns a result message.


public class ProductDetailsResult
    public List<IapProduct> Products { get; }
    public List<IapProduct> InvalidProducts { get; }
Property Returns Description
Products List Returns information of available products.
InvalidProducts List Returns products that are registered in NHN Cloud IAP console but not registered in the store.


public class IapProduct
    public string Id { get; }
    public string Name { get; }
    public string ProductType { get; }
    public bool IsActive { get; }
    public float Price { get; }
    public string Currency { get; }
    public string LocalizedPrice { get; }
Property Returns Description
Id string Product ID
Name string Product name
ProductType string Product type
IsActive bool Whether the product is activated or not
Price float Price
Currency string Currency
LocalizedPrice string Local price


public class IapPurchase
    public string PaymentId { get; }
    public string PaymentSequence { get; }
    public string OriginalPaymentId { get; }
    public string ProductId { get; }
    public string ProductType { get; }
    public string UserId { get; }
    public float Price { get; }
    public string PriceCurrencyCode { get; }
    public string AccessToken { get; }
    public long PurchaseTime { get; }
    public long ExpiryTime { get; }
Property Returns Description
PaymentId string Payment ID
PaymentSequence string Payment sequence number
OriginalPaymentId string Original payment ID
ProductId string Product ID
ProductType string Product type
UserId string User ID
Price float Price
PriceCurrencyCode string Currency information
AccessToken string Token used for consumption
PurchaseTime long Product purchase time
ExpiryTime long Expiry time for subscription product


public class IapSubscriptionStatus
    public string GetProductId();
    public string GetProductType();
    public string GetPaymentId();
    public string GetOriginalPaymentId();
    public string GetPaymentSequence();
    public string GetUserId();
    public float GetPrice();
    public string GetPriceCurrencyCode();
    public string GetAccessToken();
    public long GetPurchaseTime();
    public long GetExpiryTime();
    public string GetDeveloperPayload();
    public Status GetStatus();
    public string GetStatusDescription();
Method Returns Description
GetProductId string Payment ID
GetProductType string Payment sequence number
GetPaymentId string Original payment ID
GetOriginalPaymentId string Product ID
GetPaymentSequence string Product type
GetUserId string User ID
GetPrice float Price
GetPriceCurrencyCode string Currency information
GetAccessToken string Token used for consumption
GetPurchaseTime long Product purchase time
GetExpiryTime long Expiry time for subscription product
GetDeveloperPayload string Developer payload
GetStatus Status Subscription status
GetStatusDescription string Subscription status description


public enum Status
    Active = 0,
    Canceled = 3,
    OnHold = 5,
    InGracePeriod = 6,
    Paused = 10,
    Revoked = 12,
    Expired = 13,
    Unknown = 9999
Name Code Status Description
Active 0 Active Subscription is active.
Canceled 3 Canceled Subscription has been canceled.
OnHold 5 Account hold Subscription was put on hold (if enabled).
InGracePeriod 6 Grace period Subscription entered grace period (if enabled).
Paused 10 Paused Subscription was paused.
Revoked 12 Revoked Subscription was canceled by the user before expiry time.
Expired 13 Expired Subscription has expired.
Unknown 9999 Undefined Undefined status.

Error code

Common Error Codes

Error code Description
50000 Not initialized
50001 Feature not supported
50002 Unsupported store code
50003 Product not available
50004 Product already owned
50006 Incorrect user ID
50007 User canceled payment
50009 Failed receipt verification
50011 Failed to renew subscription
50015 Product not owned
50103 Product already consumed
50104 Product already refunded
50105 Purchase limit exceeded
59999 Unknown error. Please check error message

Server error code

Error code Description
10000 Invalid request
10002 Not connected to network
10003 Server response failed
10004 Timeout occurred
10005 Invalid server return value
10010 App not activated

App store error code

Error code Description
50005 A request is already in progress
50008 Store payment failed
50010 Failed to change purchase status
50012 Cannot proceed with purchase due to refund
50013 Recovery failed
50014 Cannot make purchases now. (e.g. in-app purchase restrictions)

ONE store error code

Error code Description
51000 Not logged into ONE Store services
51001 ONE Store service has not been updated or installed
51002 Payment requested from abnormal app
51003 Payment request failed

Galaxy Store Error Codes

Error code Description
53000 Not logged into Galaxy Store services
53001 Galaxy Store service has not been updated or installed
53002 Payment requested from abnormal app
51003 Payment request failed




If I switch an app to the background during purchase (or immediately after the purchase is complete) and re-enter the app with the app icon, a user cancellation error is returned as a callback. What should I do?


This issue occurs because the launchMode of the Unity activity is singleTask . As the payment window is destroyed, it is recognized as a user cancellation, so a user cancellation error is returned. If the payment has been completed in the store, you can re-process it by restarting the app or calling the unconsumed purchase inquiry. Once the reprocessing is complete, you will be able to issue the item to the user. If the user tries to purchase again when reprocessing is not completed, an error indicating that the product is already owned will be returned (this prevents duplicate payments by the user).