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API Response Codes

service isSuccess resultCode resultMessage
Common true 0 Successful
Common false 4 Parameter validation failed
- The length of the body exceeds 4000 characters when sending a short message
- The length of the title exceeds 120 characters when sending a long message or attachment
- The searchType, from, or to fields are empty while retrieving statistics
Common false -1000 Invalid appkey
Common false -1001 Unavailable appkey
Common false -1002 Closed appkey
Common false -1003 Member not included in the project
Common false -1004 Not allowed IP
Common false -9996 Invalid contentType. Only application/JSON
Common false -9997 Invalid JSON format
Common false -9998 Unavailable API
Common false -9999 System error (unexpected error)
Send/Query false -1006 Invalid delivery message format (messageType)
Send/Query false -2000 Invalid date format
Send/Query false -2001 Recipient is missing
Send/Query false -2002 Name of attached file is invalid
Send/Query false -2003 Extension of attached file is not jpg or jpeg
Send/Query false -2004 The attachment has expired or does not exist
Send/Query false -2005 Attached file is sized 300KB or more
Send/Query false -2006 Delivery type in template setting is not consistent with requested type
Send/Query false -2008 Request ID (requestId) is invalid
Send/Query false -2009 Attached file is not properly uploaded due to server error
Send/Query false -2010 Upload type of attachment is invalid (server error)
Send/Query false -2011 Required query parameters are missing (requestId or startRequestDate, endRequestdate)
Send/Query false -2012 When detailed query parameter is invalid (requestId or mtPr)
Send/Query false -2014 Title or body is missing
Send/Query false -2016 The number of recipients is over 1,000
Send/Query false -2017 Failed to create excel
Send/Query false -2018 Recipient number is missing
Send/Query false -2019 Recipient number is invalid
Send/Query false -2021 System error (failed in saving queue)
Send/Query false -2022 Request date and time is set earlier than the current time
Send/Query false -2023 Title or body includes characters that are not allowed (e.g. emojis)
Send/Query false -2024 International delivery is sent with LMS/MMS
Send/Query false -4000 Query range is more than a month
Template false -2100 Template ID is missing
Template false -2101 Already-registered Template ID
Template false -2102 Template name is missing
Template false -2103 Sender number is missing
Template false -2104 Delivery type is missing (0: sms, 1: mms)
Template false -2105 Body is missing
Template false -2106 Incorrect if service is enabled
Template false -2107 Invalid template ID (to modify/delete)
Template false -2108 Category ID is missing
Template false -2109 Template ID exceeds 50 characters
Template false -2110 Template is unavailable
Template false -2111 Invalid template parameter
Template false -2112 Exceeded the maximum available number of templates for registration (Max: 1000)
Template false -2113 Template ID already deleted
Template false -2114 Title is empty
Template false -2115 Title exceeds 120 characters
Template false -2116 Body length exceeds 255 characters, for SMS delivery
Template false -2117 Body length exceeds 4000 characters, for LMS/MMS delivery
Template false -2043 Attached file for template registration is already registered at another template
Category false -2200 Invalid category parameter (to register)
Category false -2201 Invalid category parameter (to modify)
Category false -2202 Invalid category (failed to query category
Category false -2203 Parent category does not exist
Category false -2204 Use or not is invalid
Category false -2205 Deleting the highest category
Request for Sender Number Registration false -2301 Already registered sender number
Request for Sender Number Registration false -2302 The list parameter of the sender number requested for registration is empty
Request for Sender Number Registration false -2304 Invalid registration parameter (attachment)
Sender Number false -2312 Sender number is missing or unregistered
Sender Number false -2313 Blocked sender number
Sender Number false -2314 Request parameter for sender number registration is invalid
Statistics false -2700 Invalid range of statistics
Statistics false -2701 Invalid statistics search parameter
Statistics false -2703 Invalid detail range of statistics
080 Call Rejection false -6000 Call rejection is not in service
080 Call Rejection false -6001 Call-reject numbers
080 Call Rejection false -6003 Body does not include guide message on call rejection
080 Call Rejection false -6004 Call rejection numbers are not in service
Tag false -7000 Internal tag error (failed to call API)
Tag false -7001 Invalid parameter
Tag false -7002 Failed to read .csv file

Query Delivery Codes

Result Code of Receiving

Code Value Description
MTR1 Successful
MTR2 Failed

Detail Result Code of Receiving

Code Value Description
MTR2_1 Validity Check Failed
MTR2_2 Issue of Telecom Provider
MTR2_3 Issue of Device

EMMA v.3 Result Code of Receiving

EMMA Version: EMMA V3.3.0 or higher

1) Telecom Provider: Result codes received after transferred to telecom provider.

2) IB G/W: Result codes delivered after Infobank G/W receives messages.

3) IB EMMA: Error codes processed by EMMA regarding message delivery requests.

Category Code Value Classification Description
Telecom Provider 1000 success Successful
2000 failure Delivery time exceeded
2001 failure Delivery failed (mobile network)
2002 failure Delivery failed (mobile network -> device)
2003 failure Device power off
2004 failure Device message buffer pool
2005 failure Grey area
2006 failure Message deleted
2007 failure Temporary device issue
3000 Invalid Unavailable to transfer
3001 Invalid No subscriber available
3002 Invalid Adult authentication failed
3003 Invalid Recipient number format error or missing number (unavailable number)
3004 Invalid Temporary service suspension on device
3005 Invalid Device call processing status
3006 Invalid Incoming call denied
3007 Invalid Phone unavailable to receive callback URL
3008 Invalid Other device issues
3009 Invalid Message format error
3010 Invalid Device not supporting MMS
3011 Invalid Server error
3012 Invalid Spam
3013 Invalid Service rejected
3014 Invalid Others
3015 Invalid No transfer route available
3016 Invalid Size restriction failed for attached file
3017 Invalid Number format error due to sender number (=reply number) falsification prevention service
3018 Invalid Personal mobile phone number subscribed to sender number (=reply number) falsification prevention service
3019 Invalid Numbers not registered at sender number(=reply number) InfoBank via pre-registration of numbers
IB G/W 1001 Server Busy (internal RS saving queue Full)
1002 Error in recipient number format
1003 Error in reply number format
1004 SPAM
1005 Available usage exceeded
1006 No Attached file available
1007 Attached file available
1008 Failed to save attached file
1009 No CLIENT_MSG_KEY available
1010 No CONTENT available
1011 No CALLBACK available
1012 No RECIPIENT_INFO available
1013 No SUBJECT available
1014 No attached file KEY available
1015 No attached file NAME available
1016 No attached file size available
1017 No attached file content available
1018 No transfer authority available
1019 TTL exceeded
1020 charset conversion error
IB EMMA E900 Invalid-IB No transfer key available
E901 No recipient number available
E902 Order of recipient number (for broadcasts) is unavailable
E903 No title available
E904 No message available
E905 No reply number available
E906 No message key available
E907 Availability of broadcast message is unavailable
E908 No service type available
E909 Request hour for transfer is unavailable
E910 TTL time unavailable
E911 No attached file extension available, in the case of MMS MT
E912 No attached file available for attach_file folder, in the case of MMS MT
E913 If attached file is sized 0, in the case of MMS MT
E914 If data are available at message table but not at file table, in the case of MMS MT
E915 Duplicate message
E916 Prohibited number for authenticated server
E917 Prohibited number for customer database
E919 Resending message is prohibited during when delivery is restricted
E920 If file group key is available at message table, in the case of LMS MT
E921 If file group key is unavailable at message table, in the case of MMS MT
E922 Error in restricted use of characters for broadcast words
E999 Other errors