Security > Secure Key Manager > Release Notes

November 23, 2021

Added a Symmetric Key Query Feature

  • Added a feature to query the symmetric key

October 26, 2021

Added a Key Import Feature

  • Added a symmetric key import feature

Updated the Confidential Data Query Feature

  • Modified the feature so that, when the user queries confidential data in the web console, the data is provided after masking the fields

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where non-payment users could use the service normally

September 28, 2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where permissions granted using permission groups were not recognized properly
  • Fixed an issue where the Reset button in Usage History did not work properly

March 24, 2020

  • The tasks performed by a user in Secure Key Manager console are logged in Cloud Trail
  • Added authentication data (IPv4 address/MAC address) bulk registration feature using CSV files
  • Added authentication data (IPv4 address/MAC address) download feature using CSV files

December 24, 2019

Key Store Page Updates

  • Changed the display method for the list of key stores
  • Changed the sub-menu of a key store
  • Added the quick menu to the key store

History Page Updates

  • Changed UI so that the user can query API usage history per project

Statistics Page

  • Added the page to query API usage statistics of each project

July 23, 2019

UI Improvement

  • Fixed the overlapped display of texts and buttons
  • Fixed line wrapping issue when the screen is displayed in Japanese

May 28, 2019

Release of New Service

  • Secure Key Manager is a service to let you centrally and securely manage data that can be exposed to security risks when stored in the application server, such as confidential data (database access information, appkey, password, etc.), symmetric key, and asymmetric key. In addition, it controls access so that only the clients that pass authentication can access the data.