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Pipeline is a continuous deployment service that allows you to manage the application deployment flow, such as building source code, creating container images, and deploying container images.

Main Features

  • NHN Cloud build tool
  • Jenkins integration
  • Kubernetes integration
  • Application deployment flow management
  • Application deployment automation

Feature Description

Pipeline provides a number of features that you can use to deploy applications.

NHN Cloud Build Tool

Pipeline provides the NHN Cloud build tool that you can use to build source code and create container images. The NHN Cloud build tool allows you to build the application source code stored in the source repository without installing additional software, create a container image with the built application, and upload the created container image to the image registry.

Jenkins Integration

By integrating Pipeline with Jenkins, you can register Jenkins jobs in your application deployment flow. Various user-defined Jenkins jobs can be used for application deployment.

Kubernetes Integration

By integrating Pipeline with Kubernetes, you can register Kubernetes tasks in your application deployment flow. It provides various features, such as deploying container images, changing the number of Pod replicas, and deleting Kubernetes objects.

Application Deployment Flow Management

You can define the different stages required for application deployment, such as building source code, creating a container image, uploading a container image, and deploying a container image, and save it as a pipeline. Saved pipelines can be rerun at any time.

Application Deployment Automation

You can configure autorun on the pipeline. When you change the source code in the source repository or update the container images in the image registry, the pipeline is run automatically.


Term Description
Pipeline NHN Cloud's continuous deployment service
pipeline An object that stores the application deployment flow
stage Each of the deployment stages that make up the pipeline
NHN Cloud build tool Pipeline's built-in build tool